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What we do ?


Car Ac Servicing

Car AC servicing is provided to the clients whenever they require it in Mangalore. AC servicing is very important during summer season as that is the peak time when most of the people start installing AC in their cars , and the required Car servicing is needed for old Car AC’s so that it running properly..


Air Conditioning

Large Bus and medium bus AC installation service are provided to the customers at affordable price in Mangalore. Bus AC installation requires certain skill set and our professionals are experts in providing this service in Mangalore. You have to book appointment and we are there to provide this service at their convenient time


Truck Refrigeration

Transport refrigeration is one of the most difficult refrigeration installation, and therefore transport refrigeration systems require components capable of addressing a range of critical issues. Truck Refrigeration

Installation and service in Mangalore.


Sales Support

We ensures every team member of our Garage stands committed and accountable to our customers, at all times and in every respect even after sales, we provides after sales support for all our installation

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